Payment Terms

All transactions for our online store are handled and fulfilled by PayPal and as such are subject to PayPal financial and other policies by clicking here

By using this website and ordering from the Hijab Wearhouse, you are agreeing to pay in full for your purchase, shipping and any other charges quoted.

You further agree to waive any right to a chargeback or any other dispute unless you have notified us that your merchandise order is damaged, substantially wrong from what you ordered etc.

Should there be any issues with your order, your only remedy is to contact Hijab Wearhouse directly in which case we will examine your claim and offer the refund or exchange of any item claimed at our sole discretion.

All orders will only be shipped once full payment has been received and funds have cleared with the financial institution. Hijab Wearhouse reserves he right to delay or cancel any shipment to which full payment has not been received or cleared.

Any attempt to circumvent our return and exchange policy through any third party will result in a full waiver of any claim you are making against the Hijab Wearhouse as well as the acceptance of any financial or other costs incurred by Hijab Wearhouse and its agents and representatives in the course of investigating, mitigating and enforcing our claims as a merchant pursuant to this policy.

Hijab Wearhouse takes no responsibility for fit, purpose or any other claim that may arise from wearing any merchandise ordered from us. In case where this waiver cannot be enforced, the Hijab Wearhouse limits the extent of any claim to the purchase price only excluding shipping, return costs or any other third party costs or claims.

By placing the order from our online store or in-store you are agreeing to abide by terms and conditions set herein in this policy.

Online payment :

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